Origin of ancestral mutations

(modified from Table 4. of Sequeiros J, Martins S, Silveira I: Epidemiology and population genetics of degenerative ataxias. Chapt. 14.
In: Subramony SH, Dürr A: Ataxic Disorders. Handbook of Clinical Neurology, 3rd series, vol. 103, pp.225-248. Elsevier, Edinburgh, 2011)

Disease Origin of families Founder effects Ancestral haplotypes References
SCA1 Multiple Siberia, South Africa (2), India ND (Goldfarb et al.,1996; Ramesar et al., 1997; Mittal et al., 2005a)
DRPLA Multiple Japan Asian (Yanagisawa et al., 1996; Martins et al., 2003)
SCA2 Multiple India, Cuba ND (Choudhry et al., 2001; Alottey et al., 1995)
MJD/SCA3 Multiple Floresa,S.Miguelb, mainland Portugala,b, Japana aAsian, bPortuguese? (Gaspar et al., 2001; Martins et al., 2007)
SCA5 American, French, German ND ND (Ikeda et al., 2006)
SCA6 Multiple Germany, Japan, Netherlands, England ND (Dichgans et al., 1999; Yabe et al., 2001; Verbeek et al., 2004a, Craig et al., 2004)
SCA7MultipleFinland, SwedenND(Jonasson et al., 2000)
SCA8MultipleNDND(Ikeda et al., 2004; Martins et al., 2005)
SCA10Mexican and BrazilianNDND(Matsuura et al., 2000; Alonso et al., 2006)
SCA12German and IndianNDND(Bahl et al., 2005)
SCA13Filipino, FrenchNDND(Waters et al., 2006)
SCA14MultipleNDND(Verbeek et al., 2005)
SCA17MultipleNDND(Nakamura et al., 2001; Zühlke et al., 2005)
SCA27Dutch, GermanNDND(Swieten et al., 2003; Dalski et al., 2005)

ND - not described/not determined